Harvey Pekar is dead. Long live Harvey Pekar!

Take a look in the New Books section of the library for a display of Pekar’s works. Look for his graphic novels at call number PN6727.P44
Some of Pekar’s titles in the Visual Arts Library:

-American Splendor and More American splendor / by Harvey Pekar.
-American Splendor: another day / written by Harvey Pekar ; with art by Ho Che Anderson and others
-American Splendor presents Bob & Harv’s comics / stories by Harvey Pekar ; art by R. Crumb.
-Our Cancer Year / by Joyce Brabner and Harvey Pekar
-The Quitter / Harvey Pekar, writer ; Dean Haspiel, artist
-Studs Terkel’s Working: a Graphic Adaptation / adapted by Harvey Pekar
-Harvey Pekar: Conversations / edited by Michael G. Rhode

-The Beats: a Graphic History / text by Harvey Pekar , art by Ed Piskor et al.
PS228.B6 P45 2009
-Students for a Democratic Society: a Graphic History / written by Harvey Pekar ; art by Gary Dumm
LA229 .P395 2008

American Splendor / starring Paul Giamatti & Hope Davis
V-F P853 Ame DVD

>>For a new wave of “alternative” comics artists, Pekar’s work championed an influential mode of autobiography that privileged the quotidian over the epochal, the mundane over the traumatic.<< –What Harvey Pekar Did for Comics -Bill Kartalopoulous – Print Magazine

>>As Pekar said, “The humor of everyday life is way funnier than what the comedians do on TV. It’s the stuff that happens right in front of your face when there’s no routine and everything is unexpected. That’s what I want to write about.”.<< – Cleveland Plain Dealer

>>As Harvey often noted, he was born in Cleveland in 1939, just a year after two other Cleveland Jewish boys launched Superman upon the world. Harvey saw his own intensely realistic stories as a response to the type of fantasies found in superhero comics: He liked to call himself Schlepperman, an ordinary Joe who struggled not to save the world but to get through the working day.<< – Jeet Heer – National Post

>>”American Splendor” was the first independently published comic book I ever picked up and Harvey Pekar proved to me that comics could tell any kind of story.<< – Dean Haspiel – artist for Pekar’s The Quitter

“[F]rom the very beginning, American Splendor embodied this complete, even radical idea of what made compelling and worthwhile comics. While what we now call literary comics in North America went through what seemed like years of weaning themselves away from genre elements step by agonizing step, Pekar broke cleanly away from everybody with straight autobiography, stories about activities as ordinary as drinking a glass of water, dissections of class and race and personal identity, all set in his beloved Cleveland.” – Tom Spurgeon, from the Washington Post’s collection of remembrances from collaborators and colleagues of Pekar’s.

Pekar’s work continues via The Pekar Project, his web comic for Smith Magazine

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