The Strips of Moebius Go On Forever

Jean “Moebius” Giraud, cartoonist extraordinaire, has died. While his name may not be widely known outside of comics circles, his artwork has had a wide influence on the broader culture – from his designs for Tron, The Fifth Element, The Abyss, and Alien, to his extensive comics work in such magazines as Heavy Metal (and the film of the same name), his unique blend of sci-fi futurism with a wild west motifs will live on. Here’s hoping all of his work will find its way to print and stay there.
Obits and Images: But Does It Float, TCJ: Kim Thompson, interview with Moebius & cartoonist tributes, io9, LA Times

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Unfortunately relatively little of Moebius’ work in in print in the US, but his passing has spurred us to order what we can. For now, here are our holdings:

Blueberry 2 : ballad for a coffin / Jean-Michel Charlier, Jean “Moebius” Giraud – PN6747.C48 B58 1989

Moebius : the collected fantasies of Jean Giraud / Jean “Moebius” Giraud. – PN6747.G5 A2 1987 v.2 & v.4

Film work and inspiration:

Heavy Metal – V-AN R458 Hea DVD

Alien / dir. Ridley Scott – V-F S467 AliD DVD

The Fifth Element / dir. Luc Besson – V-F B482 Fif DVD

Tron / dir. Steven Lisberger – V-F L573 Tro DVD

2 responses to “The Strips of Moebius Go On Forever

  1. Thanks for posting about Moebius you guys. Here are a few more links:

    slideshow/multimedia overview of Giraud’s career in Spanish:
    El Mundo (Spain):

    a video documentary from BBC4 (3 parts):

    (Also on youtube as Moebius Redux:

    Moebius meets Hayao Miyazaki:

    Tumblr with tons of Gir and Moebius art:

  2. Thanks for the links, Matt – good stuff!

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