Join the Art Police!

This weekend Gary Panter, creator of Jimbo, designer of the Pee Wee’s Playhouse set, and SVA faculty member, will be honored at MOCCAfest with their 2012 Klein Award.

Check out Panter’s still timely 1980 Rozz-Tox Manifesto on art and commerce, originally posted in the personals section of the LA Reader and then published in the Ralph Records catalog.** The title comes from Panter’s term for his own ‘raggedy style’. I tried pulling out highlights, but it ended up being so long, may as well post the whole thing (see below).

From an interview, on his development: >>I always wanted to be an artist, and while in a high-school I went to the library and soaked up everything that they had there. And when I went to collage–it was only 20 miles away from where I grew up–they had a bigger library. I just progressed through this series of things, I can show you my sketchbooks from that time. Mostly, it just goes through hippie stuff, I was drawn to rough-printed things. And as I spent time near the Mexican border when I was a kid, Mexican elements had an influence on me — these raggedy, weird colors. But also the Yellow Submarine animated film was fascinating to me, big cultural things like that. I went through studying art history, and then right before I had my bad acid trip, I just kind of reached the end of it. I had an epiphany about this raggedy style and called it Rozz-Tox.<<

To explore Panter’s work in the library:

Cola madnes / by Gary Panter – PN6727.P36 C6 2000

Gary Panter / edited by Dan Nadel – PN6727.P36 G37 2008

Jimbo in Purgatory : being a mis-recounting of Dante Alighieri’s Divine comedy in pictures and un-numbered footnotes / by Gary Panter – PN6727.P36 J53 2004 OVERSIZE

Jimbo’s inferno / Gary Panter – PN6727.P36 J57 2006 OVERSIZE

Satiroplastic : [sketchbook facsimile] / drawings by Gary Panter – PN6727.P36 S3 2005

The Rozz-Tox Manifesto (text version)


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