Brooklyn Nets Go Hard

Monday the Brooklyn Nets, formerly of New Jersey, broke out their new logo and identity, with a design by team co-owner and home town booster, Jay Z. The color scheme is now a simple black and white, which goes along with the no-nonsense, classic logo, which would have fit in well in the NYC sports hey-day of the 40s and 50s (quibbles aside regarding the respective eras of the typefaces used). The new design already has its critics, but it will be interesting to see how well the re-branding of this last place team works and how the graphics evolve in the process.

To compare the current logo with previous versions, check out Logoserver‘s collection (seems the Nets have crossed the Hudson a few times already, but this time they went an extra step over the East River):

’67 – ’68: ’68 – ’72:
’72 – ’77: ’77 – ’78:
’78 – 90: ’90 – ’97:
Recent: Recent :

Here was my favorite of the various shirt designs:

For more on the logo design process:

Logo design / ed. Julius Wiedemann – NC1002.L63 L62 2009

Logo design workbook : a hands-on guide to creating logos / Sean Adams & Noreen Morioka – NC1002.L63 A3 2006

Decoding design : understanding and using symbols in visual communication : discover the hidden meanings inside common corporate logos and designs – NC1002.L63 M33 2008

Logo design love : a guide to creating iconic brand identities / from David Airey – NC1002.L63 A37 2010

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