Colors on the Radio

What could be more simple than color? The show Radiolab recently aired a program on Colors that explored some ways in which this most basic of phenomena has a history. How do we perceive light, and thus color? How are pigments that provide the color in our paints made? Why did Homer call honey green and label the ocean the color of dark wine? Listen to the show to find out. Below are some titles in the library to read more about the history, science, and psychology of colors.

Color : a natural history of the palette / Victoria Finlay – ND1488 .F56 2004

Color and meaning : art, science, and symbolism / John Gage – ND1488 .G344 1999

Vision and art : the biology of seeing / by Margaret Livingstone – N7430.5 .L54 2002

Black : the history of a color / Michel Pastoureau. – BF789.C7 P3691 2009

Blue : the history of a color / Michel Pastoureau.- BF789.C7 P369 2001

Seeing the light : optics in nature, photography, color, vision, and holography / David S. Falk, Dieter R. Brill, David G. Stork – QC358.F36 1986

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