“There is no human problem which could not be solved if people would simply do as I advise.”

Gore Vidal has died. Let the quote-a-thon commence!
Playboy Interview:

In America, if you want a successful career in politics, there is one subject you must never mention, and that is politics. If you talk about standing tall, and it’s morning in America, and you press the good-news buttons, you’re fine. If you talk about budgets, tax reform, bigotry, and so on, you are in trouble. So if we aren’t going to talk issues, what can we talk about? Well, the sex lives of the candidates, because that is about the most meaningless thing that you can talk about.
Now there is a lot of tension building up in our society. We’re going broke, we’re losing our place in the world, the quality of life goes down and the public educational system is gone. So what shall we talk about? Anything that can distract the folks from taking revenge on the country’s owners, who have ripped us off. Let’s talk sex.

Myra Breckinridge ; Myron / Gore Vidal – PS3543.I26 M9 1997

Suddenly, last summer / screenplay by Gore Vidal and Tennessee Williams –

Lincoln : a novel / Gore Vidal – PS3543.I26 L5 1984

United States : essays : 1952-1992 / Gore Vidal – PS3543.I26 U55 1993

Live from Golgotha / Gore Vidal – PS3543.I26 L58 1993

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