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Space of Critique vs. Infinite Tokyo – new books

Dal Tokyo / Gary Panter – PN6727.P36 D35 2012

Comics versus Art / Bart Beaty – PN6710 .B39 2012

Josiah McElheny : Some Pictures of the Infinite / Josiah McElheny – NK5198.M44 A4 2012

Make Space: How to Set the Stage for Creative Collaboration / Scott Doorley & Scott Witthoft – NA2750 .D665 2012

Critique of cynical reason / Peter Sloterdijk – B809.5 .S5813 1987

Bauhaus : art as life – N332.G33 B384 2012

Contemporary Book Design

Whether the cover reflects the contents is another question, but how can we not judge a book’s cover? Book design nerds will want to check out this post on Talking Covers exploring Vintage Contemporaries. Combining discussion of the designer, Lorraine Louie, the editor who created the initial concepts, artists who contributed pieces, as well as some of the authors whose work was featured, the article gives a unique look at the cultural impact of design choices.

In the stacks:

Penguin by design : a cover story, 1935-2005 / Phil Baines – Z325.P42 B35 2005

Kidd : things that happened between 1986-2006, book one / Chip Kidd – NC1883.3.K53 K53 2005

New book design / compiled and edited by Roger Fawcett-Tang – Z116.A3 N49 2004

Puffin by design : 70 years of imagination, 1940-2010 / Phil Baines – Z325.P84 B35 2010

Five hundred years of book design / Alan Bartram – Z116.A3 B37 2001

Little Nemo in Googleland

Today’s Google logo sequential doodle honors cartoonist and animation pioneer Winsor McCay on the 107th anniversary of his most famous comic creation, Little Nemo. The last few years have been kind to fans of McCay’s huge Little Nemo sunday comics, which have been reprinted in gorgeous reproductions at full size.

In the stacks:

Little Nemo in Slumberland / Winsor McCay ; edited by Peter Maresca – PN6728.L54 M329 2005 OVERSIZE

Winsor McCay : early works / Winsor McCay – PN6727.M23 A25 2003x

Daydreams & nightmares : the fantastic visions of Winsor McCay – PN6727.M23 D39 1988

The Winsor McCay the master edition – V-AN M32 Win DVD

Life Will Always Be Hell, But Cartoons Help

Matt Groening, known to audiences as the creator of the Simpsons and Futurama, is retiring his print comic, Life in Hell, after 34 years, with the above strip (his 1,669th in the series). As reported here, the strip led to his animation blockbusters:

“Life in Hell” actually earned Groening his big break in Hollywood. It started running in Wet Magazine in 1978, then moved to the now-defunct LA Reader, where Groening worked. The strip eventually made its way to LA Weekly. Its popularity grew, amassing a client list of more than 250 papers, when producer Polly Platt noticed “Life in Hell” and showed it to actor/producer James L. Brooks.
Brooks contacted Groening and wanted him to develop a series of “bumpers” based on “Life in Hell” for “The Tracey Ullman Show.” Groening was a bit apprehensive at the thought of handing over the rights to his characters, so he created the Simpsons to fill the slot.

Slate has a collection of tributes from cartoonists such as Alison Bechdel, Sammy Harkham, Tom Tomorrow, and R. Sikoryak (see below).

To explore Groening’s work further:

Work is hell : a cartoon book / by Matt Groening – PN6727.G76 A4 1986

School is hell : a cartoon book / by Matt Groening – PN6728.L49 G73 1987

Matt Groening’s cartooning with the Simpsons – NC1766.U53 S55 1993

The Simpsons – V-AN G734 Sim1 DVD

Futurama. Volume one created by Matt Groening – V-AN G734 Fut DVD

Computer Lab Questionnaire 2012 is on its way

Want to make your voice heard in guiding the development of the Library Computer Lab? Here’s a heads up from lab’s Technology Manager, Myra Schechtman, about an upcoming opportunity to help us help you better:


We want to thank all of you who participated in the November, 2011 Computer Lab Questionnaire. We appreciate your taking the time to let us know how you use the Lab and how the Lab could be even more helpful to you.
We are always trying to improve the Lab and, based on your requests, here are some of the changes we have made this year:

  • We have added Apple Pages to all iMac computers (Final Cut Pro was added to 4 computers last year)
  • We have upgraded all of our scanners
  •  We have tested and cleaned all of the computer keyboards and mice. (They are all working. If you have a problem, please have a Technology Assistant help you.)

As you are probably aware, the Computer Lab is constrained by its physical space. We therefore are not adding new equipment at this time. However please do not stop recommending what would be helpful to you and if any of you have design ideas about how to reconfigure the Lab to allow more space for equipment, please email them to Myra Schechtman, Technology Manager (
The capacity of our computers is also a constraining factor when it comes to software. We have noted your software requests and will take these requests (and future requests) into consideration when we upgrade our computers.
We are very pleased that most of you found the Technology Assistants and Computer Staff to be helpful. We aim for a high level of assistance and are gratified that it is appreciated.
Look for the 2012 Questionnaire in October or November and please take a few minutes to fill it out. Your comments are valued and we consider them in planning for the Lab.
Thank you.

Hair, There, and Everywhere

>>“Hair has no fixed meaning,” said Yves Le Fur, the exhibition’s curator. “It can show the norm and the anti-establishment, conformity and anti-conformity, seduction and repulsion, freedom and repression. It’s the only human material that can be shaped and distorted as you wish.”<< – NYTimes review of “The Art of Hair: Frivolities and Trophies” at the Musée du Quai Branly.

Here are a few strands to follow in the library:

Hair’em scare’em – N8217.H27 H35 2009

The history of hair : fashion and fantasy down the ages / Robin Bryer – GT2290 .B79 2000

Bulletproof diva : tales of race, sex, and hair / Lisa Jones – PS3560.O5144 B85 1995 (Currently on reserve at the Circulation Desk)

Good hair / dir. Chris Rock – V-D S755 Goo DVD

Hair style / by Amy Fine Collins – TT955.A1 C65 1995b OVERSIZE Stacks

Crowning achievements : African arts of dressing the head / Mary Jo Arnoldi – GT1580 .A75 1995

Eyes Unfinished by the World – new books!

Evolution’s witness : how eyes evolved / Ivan R. Schwab – QP475 .S374 2012

Graham Sutherland : an unfinished world / curated by George Shaw – N6797.S87 A4 2011

Film : the critics’ choice : 150 masterpieces of world cinema selected and defined by the experts / edited by Geoff Andrew – PN1993.5.A1 F525 2001

Sublife / John Pham – PN6727.P52 S79 2008 v.01

Disidentifications : queers of color and the performance of politics / José Esteban Muñoz – HQ76.3.U5 M87 1999

Infra : photographs / by Richard Mosse – TR655 .M687 2012