Contemporary Book Design

Whether the cover reflects the contents is another question, but how can we not judge a book’s cover? Book design nerds will want to check out this post on Talking Covers exploring Vintage Contemporaries. Combining discussion of the designer, Lorraine Louie, the editor who created the initial concepts, artists who contributed pieces, as well as some of the authors whose work was featured, the article gives a unique look at the cultural impact of design choices.

In the stacks:

Penguin by design : a cover story, 1935-2005 / Phil Baines – Z325.P42 B35 2005

Kidd : things that happened between 1986-2006, book one / Chip Kidd – NC1883.3.K53 K53 2005

New book design / compiled and edited by Roger Fawcett-Tang – Z116.A3 N49 2004

Puffin by design : 70 years of imagination, 1940-2010 / Phil Baines – Z325.P84 B35 2010

Five hundred years of book design / Alan Bartram – Z116.A3 B37 2001

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