Criterion Collection and Vision (the catalog)

Heads up cinephiles! The Criterion Collection has made all of their films on Hulu free to stream this weekend. Head over to Hulu to browse and stream to your heart’s content. And remember we have a bevy of
Criterion titles in our own collection*, if you
miss out on this weekend’s extravaganza. Try a search with the phrase “Criterion Collection” and then use the Filter on the right side to limit your results to videos. And with a DVD you can hear commentary, a nice perk.

*A note about the catalog: if you have searched the library’s catalog, aka Vision, this week you
probably noticed a change in the interface. We have upgraded to the latest version of our catalog software. Most things are the same, but there are some new features as well.

When you first come to the catalog now, you can do a Keyword search by typing whatever terms you are looking for. Previously you had to put “And” between your search terms, but this new version is a bit smarter and does that for you. There are still Basic and Advanced search pages to give you various ways to find what you need. If you find something you want that is checked out, you can place a Hold request (from the blue menu on the right side: Actions > Make a request. When it says “Barcode”, that’s your SVA ID again).

To see when your checked out items and to renew your books, click on “Your Account” on the main page (“My Account” once you get into the catalog – we’re still ironing out the kinks), and login using your SVA ID# and Last Name.
Let us know if you have questions or suggestions, let us know.

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