Happy World Water Day!

Today is World Water Day and the UN has declared 2013 the “International Year of Water Cooperation”. Let’s hope it is. As their data show, out of a population of 7 billion, 2.5 bil do not have access to adequate sanitation. A headline in todays news contrasts this with the 6 bil people who own cell phones, meaning 1.5 bil more people can communicate than have a clean toilet to use.
The image above, via the USGS, shows the earth with three blue balls of water – the largest represents the entire amount of water on the earth! The second smaller one shows all the fresh water in the ground, lakes, swamps and rivers. Smaller than you would expect, no?

To dive in further:

Blue gold world water wars / a film by Sam Bozzo. – V-D B699 Blu DVD

Bottlemania : big business, local springs, and the battle over America’s drinking water / Elizabeth Royte – HD9349.M54 R69 2009

Flow for love of water / directed by Irena Salina – V-D S3554 Flo DVD

Water wars : privatization, pollution and profit / by Vandana Shiva – TD345 .S525 2002

Water : worlds between Heaven and Earth / photographs by Art Wolfe ; text by Michelle A. Gilders and Claus Biegert. – TR670 .W65 1999

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