Writing Award Winners – April 2013

Back in April the library hosted the Humanities and Sciences Department Writing Program Awards to recognize outstanding student writing. Thanks to all who attended and made this a fun event!

Photos and the Writing Award winners below:
A good turn-out!

1st place Harris Bauer, (Visual & Critical Studies)
2nd place Monique Pelser (Photography)
3rd place AlisonCheevers (Advertising)

Memoir/Personal Essay
1st place Michael Losclzo (Visual & Critical Studies)
2nd place Josette Taylor (Graphic Design)
3rd place Sophia Zdon (Illustration)

1st place Tal Lurya (Film and Video)
2nd place Ha Lim Kim (Graphic Design)
3rd place Max Copolov (Visual & Critical Studies)

Short Story
1st place Evan DeCarlo (Film and Video)
2nd Joshua Barclay (Film and Video)
3rd Anne Clinton (Fine Arts)

Critical Essay
1st place Colleen Tighe (Illustration)
2nd place William Patterson (Visual & Critical Studies)
3rd place Seamus Light (Animation)

The event was MCed by Louis Phillips, who kept us all laughing.

Jazz stylings were provided by the Michael Hashim Trio (Michael Hashim (leader) on saxophone; Michael Howell, guitar; Kelly Friesen, bass), along with some inside musical skinny, ex. Fats Waller’s ‘Jitterbug Waltz’ was in 3/4 time, but Jitterbug music was 4/4, meaning that in spite of the title, it was engineered to gum up their dance steps.


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