Mickey in Vietnam

Mickey Mouse In Vietnam (Lee Savage – 1968) from sandip mahal on Vimeo.

In 1968, an underground, anti-war short film was produced by Lee Savage and Milton Glaser called Mickey Mouse in Vietnam.
The short (unofficially) starred Mickey Mouse in a one minute animation that depicted the Disney icon travelling to Vietnam in a boat, entering the country, and being immediately shot in the head. The film was shown to associates of the creators in 1970 and onward. It is rumoured (though unconfirmed) that Disney tried to destroy every copy that they could get in their possession.

The Walt Disney Company and questions of fair use go way back. Pennsylvania State University has a funny video exploring and illustrating copyright and fair use, as well as other useful links.

To explore further:

The design of dissent / by Milton Glaser and Mirko Ilic – NX650.P6 G53 2005

The great anti-war cartoons / edited by Craig Yoe ; introduction by Muhammad Yunus ; foreword by Sara W. Duke. – NC1763.W3 G74 2009

The Pirates and the mouse : Disney’s war against the counterculture / Bob Levin. – KF3080 .L48 2003

Free culture : the nature and future of creativity / Lawrence Lessig – KF2979 .L47 2005

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