Ebert on the Great Movies and More

In our era of media saturation, do you read reviews for movies? Not that long ago, when information was not quite so readily available through the interwebs, and people had fewer entertainment options, film reviews were vital guides for many on what to see and why. Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel were film critics for newspapers in Chicago, who took the film reviews to a wider audience with their syndicated review show, At the Movies (the title they settled on after a few versions). In a field often dominated by bland happy talk, Ebert and Siskel managed to keep it real (ex. the title of the first book below).
While we had a few of his books already, when Ebert died earlier this year we noticed that there were a few holes, which we are filling. Here are some of the new (to us) titles in the collection:

Your Movie Sucks / Roger Ebert – PN1995 .E2323 2007

Awake in the dark : the best of Roger Ebert ; forty years of reviews, essays, and interviews / Roger Ebert ; foreword by David Bordwell – PN1995 .E2323 2006

The great movies / Roger Ebert ; photo stills selected by Mary Corliss. – PN1995 .E2323 2002

The great movies II / Roger Ebert ; photo stills selected by Mary Corliss.- PN1994 .E2323 2005

The great movies III / Roger Ebert – PN1995 .E2323 2011

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