New CD Shelving #svalibrary

Returning library users may have noticed that we downsized our Catalog computers from six to two over the summer. The change was made to clear room for new CD shelving, that was just installed this week and now holds our Audiobook and music CD collections, which in turn frees up more space for our ever-growing DVD collection.

The categories/music call number headings in order:
B – Opera
C – Choral Music
D – Vocal Music
E – Orchestral Music
F – Chamber Music
G – Solo instrumental
HHd – Hip Hop/Rap
Jd – Electronic Music
Kd – Broadway Show Tunes
Ld – Soundtracks
MCd – Country
MJd – Jazz
MRd – Rock
Pd – Folk
Qd – World Music
Sd – Spoken Word
C-FX / Yd – Sound Effects


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