Rebecca Sugar’s “Steven Universe” premieres tonite!


SVA Animation BFA grad Rebecca Sugar has already made a name for herself as a writer/animator on the hit series “Adventure Time“, but she’s poised to make history with her new show, debuting on Comedy Central tonight. Welcome “Steven Universe” to the world!
On the eve of her debut as show creator, Sugar had this advice for other developing artists: >>“Don’t wait to get permission, and don’t worry about it not being good,” says Sugar, her voice gathering with conviction. “ . . . Make it as good as you can and keep moving on. Don’t be afraid to make stuff now. You have to start immediately.”<<

For examples of Sugar's work and more on creating, writing, and producing animation:

Adventure time. My two favorite people / V-AN W373 Adv DVD

Character animation crash course! / by Eric Goldberg- NC1765 .G65 2008

Producing independent 2D character animation : making and selling a short film / Mark Simon – TR897.5 .S54 2003

Animation writing and development : from screen development to pitch / Jean Ann Wright – PN1996 .W646 2005

Makin’ toons : inside the most popular animated TV shows and movies / Allan Neuwirth – PN1992.8.A59 N48 2003

Producing animation / by Catherine Winder and Zahra Dowlatabadi – TR897.5 .W65 2001

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