Happy 120th, Raymond Loewy!

What do Coke bottles, packs of Lucky Strikes, and the Shell logo have in common? They were all designed, or re-designed, by Raymond Loewy, an industrial design powerhouse who helped give the 20th century a sleeker look. Today marks the 120th anniversary of Loewy’s death and Google has honored him with a doodle picturing his concept design of a art deco train for the Pennsylvania Railroad Company.

Gizmodo calls Loewy the real “Tony Stark”, inventor/designer/playboy alter-ego of Iron Man, and the illustration they post makes a bio-pic starring Robert Downey Jr. seem like perfect casting.

To explore Loewy’s work further:

Industrial design / Raymond Loewy – TS140.L63 A34

The Locomotive / by Raymond Loewy – TJ603.L66 1988

Raymond Loewy / Paul Jodard – NK839.L82 J63 1992

Raymond Loewy : pioneer of American industrial design / edited by Angela Schönberger – T183.G32 B43613 1990 OVERSIZE


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