Global Warming in a Polar Vortex

With the Polar Vortex dominating the news and lives of wide swath of the country, the issue of Global Warming/Climate Change has come up again. The usual suspects are out saying the cold is proof that the planet is not warming, a confusuion, often politically motivated, of weather and climate. At this point the counter-argument that, in fact, weird weather is part of the changes wrought by the overall warming of the globe seems basic, but apparently still needs to be made over and over (and over).

To delve deeper in the stacks:

Chasing ice / directed and produced by Jeff Orlowski – V-D O767 Cha DVD

Global weirdness : severe storms, deadly heat waves, relentless drought, rising seas, and the weather of the future / Climate Central. – QC981.8.C5 .G58 2012

Hot ideas for a cooler planet : cool globes /Wendy Abrams, et al. – NB1952.G56 H67 2007

How bad are bananas? : the carbon footprint of everything / Mike Berners-Lee. – QC981.8 G56 B47 2011

Little Ice Age : how climate made history, 1300-1850 / Brian Fagan. – QC989.A1 F34 2000

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