Spotlight on NOBROW Press

For underground/indie comics and the widening field of graphic novels, the past few years have seen a flood of great titles from fantastic publishers, both old (Fantagraphics, Drawn & Quarterly) and newer (Secret Acres, Uncivilized Books), but one of the standouts for their spare, beautiful graphics has been NOBROW from England. We acquired some new titles recently and wanted to highlight these new members of the collection.

Biografiktion / by Édition Biografiktion – PN6756.B56 E458 2012

Dockwood : 2 Autumn stories / Jon McNaught – PN6737.M36 D63 2012

Megaskull / Kyle Platts. – PN6737.P53 M44 2012

No man’s land / a story written and illustrated by Blexbolex. – PN6747.B57 H6713 2012

Map of days / Robert Hunter. – PN6737.H86 M37 2013

In pieces / Marion Fayolle. – PN6747.F396 I6 2013

Hilda and the bird parade / Luke Pearson. – PN6737.P43 H55 2013

One response to “Spotlight on NOBROW Press

  1. Reblogged this on Ellice Weaver professional practice research and commented:
    Kyle Platt’s comics also influence the way I work. Mainly with my newer comics that show the journey through my film. His colours are great and show me that you can use outragous colours and your work can still have deph and look good.

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