Tejubehan and Tara Books Open a Window on India

Tara Books, a publishing house in southern India, publishes children’s books illustrated Indian artists with a unique style, such as Tejubehan’s “Drawing From the City”. Her work and many of their other publications highlight a textured, graphic style that creates a magical effect. In a time of technological dominance, there’s something compelling about the look and feel of their silk-screened and handbound volumes the complements the beautiful art.
To check out some of their works in the SVA Library:

Drawing from the city / based on the oral stories of Tejubehan ; original Tamil text, Saalai Selvam ; English text, V. Geetha & Gita Wolf – PZ7.T258 Dra 2012 OVERSIZE

The Night life of trees / art – Bhajju Shyam, Durga Bai, Ram Singh Urveti ; text adapted & edited from the original Hindi narratives by Gita Wolf and Sirish Rao – N7305.5.G66 N54 2006 OVERSIZE

I like cats / Anushka Ravishankar. – SF446 .R38 2009x

Signature : patterns in Gond art / edited by Gita Wolf, Bhajju Shyam & Jonathan Yamakami.- N7305.5.G66 S54 2010

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