Nan Goldin’s Varied Tones

Nan Goldin looks back at her pathbreaking career and where her work is now in Eden and After, a new book coming out this month (and on order for the SVA Library’s collection).
>> As the years go by, one senses that mortality itself is her underlying subject and that all her books are books of remembering.
“Yes,” [Goldin] agrees, “but my work is full of light now, too. Sometimes people don’t seem to see that. They refer constantly to The Ballad of Sexual Dependency and think I am the same person that took those pictures. That series is stark. It’s all flash-lit. I honestly didn’t know about natural light then and how it affected the colour of the skin because I never went out in daylight. The work I do now has so many different tones. There is a huge difference in it and in me.” <<

Fantastic tales : the photography of Nan Goldin / Jonathan Weinberg, Joyce Henri Robinson. – TR680 .G65 2005a

Nan Goldin / Guido Costa. – TR680 .G65 2010 Rare Book Case – In Library Use Only

Beautiful smile : the Hasselblad Award 2007 / Nan Goldin ; edited with Jack Ritchey, Gerhard Steidl, Walter Keller. – TR680 .G65 2007

Nan Goldin : I’ll be your mirror / edited by Nan Goldin – TR680 .G65 1996

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