Al Feldstein, RIP

Did you grow up reading Mad Magazine? Multiple generations were warped by this humor rag and, in particular, the imagings of artist/writer/editor supreme Al Feldstein! From his early work as an EC artist, creating many of those iconic horror comics helped create the backlash that changed the industry (for more on that period, see David Hajdu’s The Ten-Cent Plague: The Great Comic-Book Scare and How It Changed America) through to his many decades as the editor/writer for Mad Magazine, launched out of the ruins of Kurtzman’s Mad comic. To get a sense of Feldstein’s immense, if largely unrecognized, cultural impact, take a look at the following titles:

Shock Suspenstories. / written and edited by Al Feldstein – PN6728.S476 F45 2006

Weird science / written and edited by Al Feldstein – PN6728.W455 F45 2006

Tales from the crypt/ written and edited by Al Feldstein – PN6728.T25 F45 2006

Child of tomorrow and other stories / written and illustrated by Al Feldstein – PN6727.F453 A6 2013

MAD about the Sixties : the best of the best decade / by the “The Usual Gang of Idiots” – PN6728.M33 M28 1995

MAD about the Fifties / by “The usual gang of idiots.” – PN6728.M33 M25 2005 – PN6728.M33 M25 2005

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