It’s Not Warming – It’s Dying.

This week we have had a box of buttons (see above) at the entrance to the library – help yourself next time you visit. Designer Milton Glaser has collaborated with SVA and Busy Beaver Buttons on a campaign to raise awareness about the real world consequences of climate change: It’s Not Warming. It’s Dying. – and on Twitter.

“I have started a campaign that we hope becomes global called ‘It’s Not Warming It’s Dying’. The idea is to have everybody wear this button all over the world as acknowledgement of what’s going on.” He embraces Buddhist philosophy which suggests “acknowledging” a problem is better than attempting action and exacerbating it.
But he declines to describe the badge in his own words (his studio hasn’t yet released the image, either). “If it’s not obvious, it doesn’t work.” And when asked to expand on his motives for launching a campaign that will include a website where the badges can be ordered, he responds dryly: “The fact that the world is coming to an end… and that the most important event in human history is not acknowledged.”

The Design of Dissent / by Milton Glaser and Mirko Ilic – NX650.P6 G53 2005

The Human face of climate change / Mathias Braschler, Monika Fischer ; with texts by Jonathan Watts. – QC903 .B743 2011

Global weirdness : severe storms, deadly heat waves, relentless drought, rising seas, and the weather of the future / Climate Central – QC981.8.C5 .G58 2012

Climate change : picturing the science / Gavin Schmidt and Joshua Wolfe – QC981.8.C5 S3556 2009

The Global warming reader : a century of writing about climate change / edited with an introduction by Bill McKibben – QC981.8.G56 G58199 2012

Do good : how designers can change the world / David B. Berman – HF5413 .B47 2009

3 responses to “It’s Not Warming – It’s Dying.

  1. “If it’s not obvious, it doesn’t work.” — that can be said about most of your work, along with these buttons. ugh, shut up milton.

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