Paula Scher Makes a New Window

Paula Scher on designing the Windows 8 logo:

Meeting with Microsoft early in the development process, Scher asked: “Your name is Windows. Why are you a flag?”

The answer is the brand started as a window, but over the years, as computing systems grew more powerful and graphics more complex, evolved into a flag. Scher made the assumption that the waving flag was probably a result of typical industry comments that a plain window looked too static, and that straight lines were too severe.

“I think the waving flag was meant to be a flag in perspective,” says Scher. “All of the clichés of technology design are based on the idea that icons should look dimensional like product design that tech designers call ‘chrome’––look at the iPhone interface where everything has gradation and drop shadows.”

The new identity returns the logo to its roots. The name Windows was originally introduced as a metaphor for seeing into screens and systems and a new view on technology. The new identity reintroduces this idea with the actual visual principles of perspective. It also reflects the Metro design language developed by Microsoft for its products, graphics and user interfaces.

Check Scher out:

Make it bigger / Paula Scher – NC998.5.A1 S34 2002

Graphic design portfolio : how to make a good one / Paula Scher. – NC1001.S34 1992

Left, right, up, down : new directions in signage and wayfinding / ed. by TwoPoints.Net ; interview with Paula Scher by Martin Lorenz – NC1002.S54 L44 2010

Paula Scher : maps : paintings, installations, drawings and prints / Paula Scher – ND237.S4216 A4 2011

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