RIP, Hermann Zapf, Ubiquitous Typographer

HermannZapfHermann Zapf, the typographer whose letters are found everywhere, died at the age of 96 last Thursday, June 4th, at his home in Darmstadt, Germany. Zapf was prolific in his career, creating approximately 200 type faces in numerous alphabets over his lifetime. Among his type faces are Palatino, Optima, Melior, Zapfino, and Zapf Dingbats. The Roman-inspired Palatino is used for Abercrombie & Fitch’s  corporate logo; Optima is used for Estée Lauder’s packaging as well as on Maya Lin’s Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial and the September 11th Memorial.

Visit us in the library to dive into more information on Zapf and typography. These catalog searches will get you started:  Zapf;  typography.













Zapf Dingbats:


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