New Books: Phaidon’s Art and Ideas Series

The SVA Library recently expanded its collection of books from Phaidon’s Art and Ideas series. Phaidon is known for its quality books in the visual arts, and this series which spans artists and movements from Baroque & Rococo to Dalí to Pop Art contains a wealth of information and images that the SVA community won’t want to miss.



New additions to our collection of Phaidon titles are:

friedrichFriedrich by William Vaughn / ND588.F75 V38 2004




Baroque & Rococo by Gauvin Alexander Bailey / N6415.B3 B325 2012



pieroPiero della Francesca by Marilyn Aronberg Lavin / ND623.F78 L33 2002



nouveauArt Nouveau by Stephen Escritt / N6465.A7 E84 2000




Dalí by Robert Radford / N7113.D3 R34 1997




durerDürer by Jeffrey Chipps Smith / N6888.D8 S65 2012




chagallChagall by Monica Bohm-Duchen / ND699.C5 B64 1998




aboriginalAboriginal Art by Howard Morphy / N7401 .M65 1998




Pop Art by Bradford R. Collins / N6494.P6 C655 2012




van goghVan Gogh by Judy Sund / ND653.G7 S77 2002




delacroixDelacroix by Simon Lee / ND553.D33 L44 2015




michelangeloMichelangelo by Anthony Hughes / N6923.B9 H83 1997




turnerTurner by Barry Venning / ND497.T8 A3 2003




romanticismRomanticism by David Blayney Brown / N6847.5.R6 B769 2001



monetMonet by Carla Rachman / ND553.M7 M286 1998




hogarthHogarth by Mark Hallett / N6797.H6 H35 2000




cezanneCézanne by Mary Tompkins Lewis / ND553.C33 L47 2000




byzantineEarly Christian & Byzantine Art by John Lowden / N7832.L563 1997



goyaGoya by Sarah Symmons / ND813.G7 S972 1998




vermeerVermeer by Wayne Franits / ND653.V5 F57 2015





See all available titles here.



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