Easier Interlibrary Loans

Have you ever found a great article  or book while searching our databases, but couldn’t read it because there was no full text available? You may have asked a librarian how to get it, or more likely, just gave up. If you knew about it, you may have used our interlibrary loan form to request the item. Interlibrary loaning is a service we offer where we borrow an article or book from another library and loan it to our patrons for free.

Requesting an interlibrary loan (ILL) just got a whole lot easier. We now have a custom ILL form linked in our EBSCO databases, including EDS/One Search. It will appear as a link underneath any search results that don’t have full-text and that aren’t physically in our library:

ill links

The form will auto-populate item details, and patrons will only have to fill out their personal details:

ill form

We’ll still keep our original ILL form on the library website for items that aren’t in database search results, but this will eliminate a step for our users who want electronic articles or books.

Got a question about this tool? Ask Us!

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