Furniture Upgrades: Lighted Tables & Electronic Displays

Last Fall, the SVA Library installed new wired, lighted tables in our main study space.  There was a significant lag in having the tables wired due to a delay with the NYC Department of Buildings, but the tables are now fully functional and ready for use! They feature embedded electrical outlets and elegant, modern reading lights.

Here’s a visual timeline of the transformation of our study space:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Our Group Study Room has received two significant upgrades, too: digital room booking (previously blogged about), and a flat screen display inside the room. The flat screen display is connected to Mac Mini computer, so that users can display to the room. Wireless keyboards and mice are available for checkout in the computer lab to use with the Mac Mini.

FullSizeRender (2)

Additionally, the 2nd floor lobby outside of the library entrance has received an upgrade – a digital display for campus news and events:

lobby display

Got any questions? Ask Us!


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