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New: Who is Ana Mendieta?

am1Who is Ana Mendieta? is a graphic novel published by The Feminist Press and written and illustrated by Christine Redfern & Caro Caron. It profiles the life of Ana Mendieta, a Cuban American performance artist, sculptor, painter and video artist who is best known for her “earth-body” artwork.

From the Feminist Press description, “This fiery account of Ana Mendieta is also a snapshot of the turbulent times in which she lived. In exile from revolutionary Cuba, Ana Mendieta found in the 1960s US another kind of social upheaval: Frida Kahlo was finally being appreciated as an artist, not just a muse; Valerie Solanas wrote her manifesto, then shot Andy Warhol; Carolee Schneemann performed nude and pulled a feminist scroll out of her vagina. And Ana Mendieta began creating what she called “earth-body art,” revolutionary work that explored issues of gender and cultural activity. In 1985, at the height of her success, she plunged to her death from the window of the New York City apartment she shared with her husband, artist Carl Andre. He was tried and acquitted of her murder. These vibrantly drawn pages chronicle how the women’s art movement changed the way we look at the female body in art and in the world. Redfern and Caron bring luminaries and the conflicts that inspired them to blazing life, telling us not only who is Ana Mendieta, but why we need to know.”




New: Tuff Ladies

What do Rosa Parks, Frida Kahlo, and Princess Diana have in common? They’re all Tuff Ladies, featured in Till Lukat’s new book profiling both everyday and anomalous episodes from the lives of tuff ladies throughout time and across the globe.

From the publisher, “This book is a collection of stories from extraordinary women who had something worth fighting for. From the Samurai and gunslingers of the wild west to a girl who makes her stand against the Taliban. These ladies will break your heart or your nose and they definitely break all the rules.”

The book features:  Tomoe Gozen, Bridget Bishop, Ann Boney, Harriet Tubman, Belle Starr, Nora Hildebrandt, Ma Barker, Ellen West, Marie Laveau, Frida Kahlo, Miep Gies, Rosa Parks, Carmen Amaya, Beate Uhse, Ulrike Meinhof, Valentina Tereshkova, Grace Slick, Linda Lovelace, Wendy O. Williams, Susan Butcher, Princess Diana, The Spider Girls, Katie Piper, and Malala Yousafzai.

You can find Tuff Ladies and many other new graphic novels on the new book shelf in the SVA Library.




New: Van Gogh’s Ear

Murp_978-0-345-81605-4_jkt_all_r2.inddWhat exactly happened to the Dutchman’s ear? Who was its intended recipient? How did he manage to do it? Or maybe the most immediate question related to one of art’s greatest legends: Why?

From the publisher’s description, “In Van Gogh’s Ear, Bernadette Murphy reveals, for the first time, the true story of this long-misunderstood incident, sweeping away decades of myth and giving us a glimpse of a troubled but brilliant artist at his breaking point… As it reopens one of art history’s most famous cold cases, Van Gogh’s Ear becomes a fascinating work of detection. It is also a study of a painter creating his most iconic and revolutionary work, pushing himself ever closer to greatness even as he edged toward madness―and one fateful sweep of the blade that would resonate through the ages.”

Find Van Gogh’s Ear in the new book section at the SVA Library. You can find another biography, Van Gogh: The Life, in the main stacks.

New: Question Bridge


The SVA library has recently acquired Question Bridge: Black Males in America, a book edited by Deborah Willis & Natasha L. Logan and published by Aperture in 2015. Question Bridge is an innovative transmedia project that facilitates a dialogue between a critical mass of black men from diverse and contending backgrounds and creates a platform for them to represent and redefine black male identity in America.

From the publisher’s description, “[This book] assembles a series of questions posed to black men, by and for other black men, along with the corresponding responses and portraits of the participants. The questions range from the comic to the sublimely philosophical: from ‘Am I the only one who has problems eating chicken, watermelon, and bananas in front of white people?’ to ‘Why is it so difficult for black American men in this culture to be themselves, their essential selves, and remain who they truly are?’ The answers tackle the issues that continue to surround black male identity today in a uniquely honest, no-holds-barred manner. While the ostensible subject is black men, the conversation that evolves in these pages is ultimately about the nature of living in a post-Obama, post-Ferguson, post–Voting Rights Act America. Question Bridge is about who we are and what we mean to one another. Most critically, it asks: how can we start to dismantle the myths and misconceptions that have evolved around race and gender in America—how can we reset the narrative about ourselves?” 

You can learn more about the book on the Aperture site, and more about the transmedia project as a whole on the Question Bridge site.

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New: Yuge!

yugePulitzer-award winning cartoonist Gary Trudeau may be best known for his comic strip, Doonesbury. Legendary for his political satire and perspicacious wit, Trudeau has been lampooning Donald Trump since he first announced his intention to run for president in 1987. Yuge! collects 30 years of Doonesbury’s Trump-focused strips. (You can read Trudeau speak about the book with NPR’s Fresh Air host Terry Gross here.)

This book can be found in the New Book section of the Main Library. For more on Trudeau’s style of political satire, check out Garry Trudeau: Doonesbury and the aesthetics of satire or Doonesbury and the art of G.B. Trudeau in the Main Stacks.


New: Remembered Light


Lexington, Virginia was home to legendary artists Cy Twombly and Sally Mann. They were born decades apart but united by their geography, culture, and controlled approach to privacy and systems of the art world. Mann documented the interior of Twombly’s Lexington studio over the course of their friendship, up until his death  in 2011. This collection of photographs was published in tandem with an exhibition of the same name at Gagosian gallery.

From the gallery’s description, “Under Mann’s gaze, and the warm light of Virginia, the accumulations and ordinary objects in Twombly’s studio reveal themselves not only as evidence of a richly imaginative and cultivated life lived and marked by tactility, but also as the overflow of his general modus operandi—in Simon Schama’s words, ‘the leftovers, smears, and stains, and an absence turned into a presence’… Even without the artist’s actual presence, Mann is able to vividly evoke the human traces evident in daily life and work.”

You can find Sally Mann’s Remembered Light: Cy Twombly in Lexington in the New Book section at the Main Library.

Sally Mann, Remembered Light, Untitled (Angled Light), 1999–2000, gelatin silver print, 20 × 24 inches (50.8 × 61 cm), edition of 3 © Sally Mann

Sally Mann, Remembered Light, Untitled (Angled Light), 1999–2000, gelatin silver print, 20 × 24 inches (50.8 × 61 cm), edition of 3 © Sally Mann

New: Jazz Festival


Jim Marshall (1936-2010) is a defining contributor to the history of music photography. His photographs of the legends of rock & roll, country, folk, blues and jazz are well-known to many. Jazz Festival contains 95% previously unpublished photographs of jazz festivals from the Marshall archive.

From the publisher’s description, “Marshall’s remarkable photographs of the festivals at Newport and Monterey immortalize the unique energy and soul of these celebrations of jazz. This immersive body of work feels like experiencing the atmosphere of those summer days first hand. Marshall’s inimitable lens captured the crowd, the performances and unguarded moments with jazz icons like Thelonious Monk, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Nina Simone, and many more.”

The book includes a foreword by President Bill Clinton, an introduction by legendary jazz writer Nat Hentoff and is designed by art director Graham Marsh. You can find it in the New Book section at the Main Library.


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